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The Little Red Hen
Source: Council for Economic Education (EconEdLink) | Type: Lesson

The Little Red Hen is a classic story for nearly all adults, and many children. Here it is retold and enhanced in order to provide a framework for illustrating and reviewing the concepts of productive resources and incentives. After reading the story, students will categorize resources into land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship and be able to identify what future incentives the dog, the cat and the mouse will have to help the little hen in her work. Students will have the opportunity to explore bread making.




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Review from December 17, 2006
By: Hyweda Tajiddin
Excellent lesson! It is so unfortunate we tend to forget such valuable stories as the little red hen. Thank you!

Review from February 5, 2007
By: Bob
Good job. I love the lesson.

Review from January 24, 2008
By: Rebecca G.
I thought this story was about me! I go to the grocery store, unload the groceries (no one around), put away the groceries (no one around), cook dinner (everyone is sitting at the table), and then it's time to clean up (no one is around)! I know the feeling.

Review from October 11, 2008
By: Michelle G.
I totally enjoyed the entire lesson and the accompanying links. I can't wait to use this lesson with my 3rd graders and share it with my co-workers!

Review from February 18, 2009
By: Briann
Good lesson.

Review from June 4, 2009
By: Virginia
Wonderful story! I loved it! Best story in the world! But remember, Reddy (the hen) wasn't meant to share the bread because they didn't help her!

Review from April 20, 2010
By: Sarah
Great lesson!

Review from January 19, 2012
By: Jill H.
Really enjoyed this site. I tied it in to the story "Cook A Doodle Do".

Review from February 16, 2012
By: Terri R.
Great lesson, but the student version does not have the drop and drag sequencing activity linked. EconEdLink: We have added the Drag and Drop activity under "Extension Activity" on the students version.