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What are Mutual Funds? | Lesson Demo
Source: Council for Economic Education (EconEdLink) | Type: Interactive Tool

This video is a classroom demonstration of Lesson 6: What are Mutual Funds? from CEE's Learning Earning and Investing for a New Generation publication (Lesson 7 in the previous version). Students form class investment clubs that work much in the way mutual funds do. They invest $3,000 (300 shares at $10 a share) in up to six stocks. One year later they revalue their shares and determine whether shares in their class investment clubs have increased or decreased in value. Finally, they read about mutual funds and learn that the concept behind mutual funds is similar to the concept behind their class investment clubs. The video starts with an introduction of an educator describing how he teaches the lesson, followed by a demonstration of the lesson being taught to students in the classroom. This lesson was originally published in CEE's Learning Earning and Investing for a New Generation, which introduces students to the world of personal finance through 21 lessons that provide active learning experiences to help students master the basics of investing. Visit the CEE Store for more information about the publication and how to purchase it.






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