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Currency and the Fed
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis | Type: lesson

Students consider who is pictured on the different denominations of U.S. currency and why. They participate in an activity to identify functions of basic, everyday items and then identify and explain the functions of another basic, everyday item—money. Students learn some basic facts about money as well as some basics about the Federal Reserve System. In addition, they describe the Federal Reserve’s role in the distribution of money by identifying features of the $5 note.




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Very visual lesson    March 26, 2012
By: Washburn, C
This lesson is great since students are familiar with currency already. They now will learn who is on the various bills and what other information is found on our U.S. currency. They also learn about the role of the Fed and the functions of money.

So visual and hands-on    March 28, 2012
By: Sarahan, M
This lesson is just what my students need. It is very visual with lots of activities to make the lesson come alive. Since my students are extremely visual because they are deaf and hard of hearing, this is a perfect lesson for them. It also teaches concrete concepts that they can attach to their prior knowledge. Overall, this is a very good lesson.

Solid Money/Fed Lesson    May 8, 2012
By: White, J
This lesson gives students solid information about the role of money, the functions of the fed, and the history of the bills we use today. The handouts provided make it easy for the students to follow along and participate in discussion. The Fed can be a dry subject, but students do love money. This lesson helps use their love of money to keep them interested while also learning about the Fed.